Yoga Wall ®

Fun on The Yoga WallThe Yoga Wall provides Sacramento with a modern enhancement of the  traditional   “rope  wall” system, a method of yoga suspension  which is based on the Iyengar yoga tradition.    

Practice Yoga employs the advanced engineering of the Great  Yoga Wall and takes Iyengar into the 21st Century!  Rather than uncomfortable ropes and unsafe hooks in the wall, we use padded belts and straps, with recessed connections.  The result is a safe, stable and comfortable suspension system that allows you to use gravity and traction to improve both your fitness and your yoga practice.


The Yoga Wall has been thoughtfully engineered for safety and ease of use.  It isn’t a toy, but rather, a tool for improving your overall health and yoga practice.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t a whole lot of fun!Reinforced Wall

To make sure it always stays fun, we took the specifications of the Great Yoga Wall to an engineer and asked what we could do to make it even stronger and safer.  Reinforced high quality metal wall studs were a great start, but we wanted more.

She told us to put 2 x 4 blocking into the walls.  We thought, “if 2 x 4’s are good, wouldn’t 4 x 4’s be better?”, so we put 5 rows of 2 x 4 blocking in front, and 5 rows of 4 x 4 blocking in back of the high gauge metal stud wall.  Then, for added measure, we sunk 8 inch lag bolts into both the cement floor and the steel beam ceiling.

Interior Bracing Too

The original system called for 1 1/2 inch screws to attach the plywood sheets to the 2x4s.  We decided to use 4 inch screws and tie directly into those massive 4 x4 blocks.  Overkill, we know, but why skimp when it comes to safety?

The result is a a Yoga Wall that exceeds all specifications for safety.  The Wall can easily simultaneously support ten 300 lb people suspended or actively working feet on the Wall.


          …Come and Hang With Us

Our studio features  Therapeutic, Power Wall Yoga Power and Yoga Wall Masala classes, tailored Baddha Konasana on the Yoga Wallsupport our floor yoga classes.  We think you’ll find that the combination of a traditional yoga practice with the added alignment and athletic assistance provided by the Yoga Wall will give your body everything it needs to find balance, harmony and good health.

The Yoga Wall doesn’t take any prior experience.  The equipment supports you in ways that are safer and more comfortable than gravity boots of inversion tables, allowing you to sustain longer, more helpful inversions.

to our Ashtanga program. so that our modern approach to work on the Wall supports traditional work on the floor.  You’ll really want to try the Wall, so come and hang with us!!





® The Yoga Wall is a registered trademark of The Great Yoga Wall, Inc.