Jim Cahill  Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill started learning yoga in his teens.  In college he continued to practice off-and, sustained by the inspiration and influence of friends.  Later, friends and co-workers who practiced a Mysore, or self-study group practice invited Jim to join and his practice developed to a higher level.

Jim will tell you that his serious yoga dedication truly began when he met Bill Counter, who was teaching Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga in Sacramento.  As Jim is fond of saying, had he walked into any other studio in Sacramento, he would not be practicing yoga, but would have instead moved on to become proficient at dance, karate, or some other discipline.  Fortunately, Jim found in Bill Counter the perfect example of a yoga teacher, someone serious but fun, knowledgeable but humble and able to demonstrate and communicate the benefits of yoga in an unparalleled manner.  Real education and practice began for Jim under Bill’s guidance, with supplements from other yoga teachers and leaders, through workshops and teacher trainings.

As studio owner, Jim strives to provide an atmosphere where learning yoga can take place.  The teachers hired by Jim all have in common not just the ability to perform the asanas, but the talent to communicate that information to the student.  Teaching yoga for Jim has been an awakening experience. The joy of teaching is found, for Jim, in students’ discovery of their own latent talents.  Whenever a new yogi executes a pose they previously thought impossible, it makes Jim’s day!  Everyone has something special that they bring to a yoga class and Jim’s passion is to help bring that out and celebrate it.

Bill Counter Bill Counter

Bill has been teaching yoga to all levels of students for 20 years. He tries to keep classes playful to encourage students to have a good time with the practice and gradually improve their skills in a non-competitive atmosphere. 

He’s studied with leading teachers in a variety of traditions including Iyengar, Ashtanga and various lineages of more traditional Hatha yoga practice.  As a result, his classes offer a synthesis of the best of ancient and modern yoga teachings, with an emphasis on a meditative focus, attention to the breath and awareness of good body mechanics.
You can expect gentle hands-on adjustments in Bill’s classes to help students find the ”perfect” pose, which can be different for of us on any given day.  Bill feels that the practice gets much more fun when we drop the focus on performance, judging the success a practice by how it affects life while not on the mat.