Our Classes

Welcome to Practice Yoga, where anyone can learn to practice yoga in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Anyone can learn We offer a varied schedule of Traditional Ashtanga, Classical Hatha, modern Flow and the unique Yoga Wall®.  Periodically, we rotate our class schedule, so check our schedule link to get the most current offerings and class descriptions.

All our classes are 90 minutes long, with the exception of the noon classes.  Each class is designed to be accessible to the drop-in or new student.



The Ashtanga Series’ represents the pinnacle of physical yoga and, for many, the gateway to the spiritual benefits of yoga andGomukhasana meditation.  Individual poses are linked by a vinyasa, a short series of movements.

Practice Yoga offers both Ashtanga First and Second Series classes, teaching the full sequence of poses from start to finish in 90 minute classes. The traditional series is taught in order, moving somewhat quickly through the poses.

We also offer our popular Ashtanga 1-2-3, which is a mix, or masala, of poses from first, second and third series, combined in a whimsical, fun sequence where the order will vary from class to class.  All our Ashtanga classes are beginner-friendly.



Basic Hatha Hatha classes at Practice Yoga teach the individual poses which make up the Ashtanga series of traditional yoga, but without the repetitive movement and exercise of the vinyasa.

Instructors spend more time focusing on each individual pose, emphasizing new ways to stretch your yoga talents on the floor. You’ll see each of the poses demonstrated and have the opportunity to carefully enter into poses with hands-on adjustment and assistance.  Longer-help poses, no vinyasas and a more concentrated approach give Hatha the flavor of classical yoga.

For the beginner, we offer a “Yoga Basics” Hatha class designed to put you at ease. Start here, if you’re unsure of your capabilities, or come back to this nurturing class whenever you want to work on the fundamentals.

The Yoga Wall®


Full Suspension Bliss Therapeutic Wall classes bring the restorative benefits of the Wall to the yoga student in a series of traction-based poses designed to lengthen constricted joints, loosen tight muscles and relieve painfully pinched nerves. Have a chronic inflammation in your back?

Try hanging in butterfly pose, suspended at the hips, and let gravity ease the pressure and stress. We use a series of gentle postures to bring relief to the neck, back, shoulder, hip and knees. Not experiencing any pain? Then try it, just to relax.  No experience necessary, besides, where else would you go to get experience?

Power WallPower Wall   classes will challenge your core! You’ll learn how to use the Wall and gravity to boost your core power in suspended crunches, elevated pikes and supported backbends, as well as inversions that build your inner strength and circulation.

Try doing your best Warrior or Triangle on the wall, and see what it does for your floor practice. Power wall will leave you with a healthy sheen of perspiration and an abdominal wall of steel!

Yoga Wall Masala Yoga Wall Masala combines the best of both worlds of Wall yoga.  Masala is a mix, so we take elements from both Therapeutic and Power Wall and combine them into a mid-range class. 

Looking for a little stretch, then a little workout, finishing out with some more stretching?  Then try Yoga Wall Masala.  As with all our Wall classes, no prior experience is necessary.



® The Yoga Wall is a registered trademark of The Great Yoga Wall, Inc.