We love Ashtanga Yoga, and no one else in town was doing it. Sure, you can find classes called Ashtanga, but really they are vinyasa flow classes, made up of just the opening Ashtanga moves . Lots of fun, and great exercise, but no more the same than apples and oranges.

Starting Out In Hatha

The first series of Ashtanga takes 90 minutes to perform properly, so a 75 minute class just won’t do. Ashtanga yoga includes some truly “wild” poses, but you won’t see the wild ones in a vinyasa class. If you want to learn complicated inversions, challenging arm balances, if you want to gain the flexibility to put both your feet (yes, both!) behind your head, then you want to learn Ashtanga Yoga.


Hatha Yoga is a great way to start learning Ashtanga. We make it easy to jump in, while giving veterans a clear path for ramping up their practice. For many of us, Hatha is both where we’ll start and where we’ll stay, as not all paths to enlightenment need to take the scenic route. We love the warm embrace of our Gentle classes every bit as much as the strong, sustained hug that we like to call our Hatha Yin class.In our wandering yoga journey, we stumbled across The Wall and fell in love yet again. The Wall is simply the most amazing, most efficient and most fun way to put your floor practice on a hyperspace trajectory! Use it to get stronger, use gravity to traction out your kinks and do both for the total-body wellness they bring. Once you experience the Wall, you’ll want to hang with us all the time!