Our Studio Has Closed

as of March 15, 2015


Our teachers are still active in the yoga community.  Many of us are still conducting private lessons in home and in corporate locations.  You can anticipate our participation in workshops and other yoga events.


While we have, indeed, closed our bricks-and-mortar studio, we are actively anticipating our next yoga moves.  Stay in touch with us, by dropping us a line at info@practiceyogasac.com , or check in at our Facebook Page


Our instructional DVD for the #YogaWall is in editing and production.  We’re in the process of setting the calendar for the YogaWall Masala tour, and, of course, planning our PY Reunion Party for June.  Stay tuned!



99% Practice, 1% Theory


-Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

 Side Intense Stretch.1     At Practice Yoga, we’re dedicated to teaching traditional Yoga.  All our classes support the concept that yoga is a discipline and, ideally, a lifelong practice.

   Our traditional Ashtanga, classical Hatha, and Yoga Wall classes are taught, not simply led. Your teachers employ hands-on adjustments that focus on the proper alignment of each pose.

   Beginners and veterans practice together in our classes, so that new students can have examples of where to go, and veterans can benefit from the energy and enthusiasm of new yogis.

   Practice Yoga is also the Sacramento home of the unique Yoga Wall  The Yoga Wall is simply an old yoga tradition (the “rope wall”) made new and more comfortable. 



We are proud to be a family-friendly business

® The Yoga Wall is a registered trademark of The Great Yoga Wall, Inc.